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LA SUN Film Fest Winners

Aug 2020 to Sep 2020


Best Feature Documentary:
Directed by
Rob Hillstead, Jon Jon Rivero

Best Feature Film, Best Indie Film
Directed by:
Steve Drake

Best International Short Film
Directed by:
Mehmet Demirli

Best Short Film U.S.
(The Man in the Shadows)
Directed by:
Tom Kircher

Best Poetic Film
(Love US)
Directed by
Jasmine Johnson

Best Experimental Film
(Shoe Horn/Office)
Directed by:
Ingrid Nachstern

Best Musical Film
(Rock County)
Directed by: 
Dimegaz Janire Etxabe

Best Producer, Best editing
(Love Drug)
Directed by:
Sheila Patterson

Best Actress 
(A Love Story)
Directed by: 
Kristen Batko

Casey Kniseley

Best Music Video:
(Go Rona Rona)
Directed by:
Peter Calvin

Best Cinematography & Best Directing:
(Willie in the Sky)
Directed and shot by:
Nathaniël Siri

Best Horror
(Sin Sick Soul)
Directed by:
Nichelle S. Montgomery

Best Script
(Within Oneself)
Directed by:
Felicia Mead

Best Animation
(Courageous Mice)
Directed by:
Sara García, Miriam García

Best Comedy & Best Actor
(The Assistant) 
Directed by:
Peter Calvin

Brent Crable

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